About Me and My Blog

Author info

My name is Reanna but my online handles have most frequently been Rhys or Lyricanna.  I am a 23 year old recent graduate of psychology.  I’m at that wonderful point in my life where I want to figure out where I am going and how to get there.  One thing I keep coming back to is writing, so I’ve decided to devote some time and a blog to it.  As per the title I identify as lesbian but it’s more of a “word people will understand” label.  I have only had one relationship which happens to be same sex, while my gender identity is “I have opted out of the gender performance but since I was born female you can refer to me that way I guess”.  Queer might be a better label.

Blog Info

This is my first blog, so it’ll take time to iron out the kinks.  The blog title comes from a passing, somewhat affectionate comment a friend made towards me about 6 years ago.   

I am fascinated by how politics intersect with other social issues, especially casual sexism in our society.  I grew up in admiration of the ranting style of Rick Mercer and hope to emulate him to a passable degree.  I’m a passionate person when it comes to human rights and hope to be able to channel that in a productive way.

This blog will probably be divided between rants, essays from university (I have graduated already and feel that a few are worth sharing) and the (hopefully) occasional personal post.


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