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Rant: Gun Laws

There is something about the desensitization to violence in North America that always bears comment, but the degree to which hate and pain are easier accepted than healing would be astounding if it wasn’t so normalized. It has gotten to the point where Bill O’Reilly, among other news anchors, have said “there will always be mass murder.”

Take a moment and step back from that. The acceptance of this as a normal occurrence, one we should not even try to change should be shocking, appalling and frightening. Especially since other countries do not have this problem.

I could stand back and go “it’s not my country, at least things are better here,” but I’m not that person; I cannot be that complacent about the loss of life. And really, things are getting worse here as the long gun registry gets picked apart by the Conservative party. It’s like they decided that things were getting too safe here and thought we should spice up our lives more by taking away some of those measures.

So what do we do? We take the lead from Australia. All stereotypes aside about Australia’s conception as a nation, they know what they’re doing when it comes to guns. Since the strict gun laws introduced in the late 90s, gun related homicides, gun related suicides and theft of guns has decreased astoundingly. And guess what? No mass shootings. Yes it took a Prime Minister willing to lose the next election to introduce those measures, but they have not since been repealed and they have been effective. If Australia, the place with one of the highest concentrations of natural things that can kill you can do without their guns, so can we.

About Me and My Blog

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My name is Reanna but my online handles have most frequently been Rhys or Lyricanna.  I am a 23 year old recent graduate of psychology.  I’m at that wonderful point in my life where I want to figure out where I am going and how to get there.  One thing I keep coming back to is writing, so I’ve decided to devote some time and a blog to it.  As per the title I identify as lesbian but it’s more of a “word people will understand” label.  I have only had one relationship which happens to be same sex, while my gender identity is “I have opted out of the gender performance but since I was born female you can refer to me that way I guess”.  Queer might be a better label.

Blog Info

This is my first blog, so it’ll take time to iron out the kinks.  The blog title comes from a passing, somewhat affectionate comment a friend made towards me about 6 years ago.   

I am fascinated by how politics intersect with other social issues, especially casual sexism in our society.  I grew up in admiration of the ranting style of Rick Mercer and hope to emulate him to a passable degree.  I’m a passionate person when it comes to human rights and hope to be able to channel that in a productive way.

This blog will probably be divided between rants, essays from university (I have graduated already and feel that a few are worth sharing) and the (hopefully) occasional personal post.